Our Media Company powers millions of businesses to create, compose and manage their marketing content with easy - to - manage software.

Our Mission
Brown & Harris Media Company seeks to provide you with the simplest way to market your business. If it’s Real Estate, Retail or Health Care we have a solution for all industries.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the number one company globally in our space. We aim to be the trusted, preferred partner for our customers through sustained customer delight. Smart content is profitable content. innovative technologies produce, deliver, and support digital content—cost-effectively—to the customers and employees of the world’s biggest brands. Designed for any entrepreneur who wants to reach a global audience,

Who Are We?
Founded by DeAnna Harris and Raymond Brown, Brown & Harris Media company’s culture is built on the concept of family. In today’s society, we are impetuous to become absorbed in our day - to - day agenda. But, with Brown & Harris Media Company, we treat our clients like family. We are a selfless organization that puts the client first. We treat you like “family.”
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